Eastern Europe continued… Prague & Vienna


Originally the idea for this trip stemmed from a joke between Wyatty & I that we should head to Oktoberfest in Germany for his bucks night. With the date being uncomfortably close to his wedding in November an alternate beer festival was needed. The Cesky Pivni festival in Prague, Czech Republic then became the base from which the eventual adventure was built around… Continue reading Eastern Europe continued… Prague & Vienna

First Stop Copenhagen!

New Havn, the old harbour.

After 22 hours of flying and 8 hours waiting in airports I arrived to Copenhagen at around 6am with around 4 hours sleep under the belt. A friendly Dane by the name of Thomas helped me to make it to the main train station from where it was supposed to be an easy walk to the CPH Downtown Hostel where I was to stay for the next 3 nights. Continue reading First Stop Copenhagen!