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First Stop Copenhagen!

New Havn, the old harbour.

After 22 hours of flying and 8 hours waiting in airports I arrived to Copenhagen at around 6am with around 4 hours sleep under the belt. A friendly Dane by the name of Thomas helped me to make it to the main train station from where it was supposed to be an easy walk to the CPH Downtown Hostel where I was to stay for the next 3 nights. Continue reading First Stop Copenhagen!

Surviving the Death Road, Bolivia


The road from the mountains above La Paz to Corioco in Bolivia was voted in 1995 to be the world’s most dangerous road. Estimates are that 200-300 people die on the road each year due to the unstable & rough gravel surface & precipitous cliff faces. These unguarded cliff edges have falls to the valley below of 600m in many places. Mountain biking the road was to be our challenge during our time in La Paz but was made to be a lot tougher… Continue reading Surviving the Death Road, Bolivia

Casino Diaries

The first night we started with a bit of blackjack going along mediocre with some early losses. Later in the night we hit a hot streak of form where we could not lose including a $400 win at MGM Grand. My strategy of going for bigger wins while up led to us trying a high stake slot machine to have a crack at the jackpot. The initial $20 investment won the double jackpot! Flashing lights & alarms went off & we had won $220! Next thing the same alarms & bells went off for the triple jackpot which was worth $20k+!


Continue reading Casino Diaries