Big Nights in Berlin

IMG_1179Berlin has a reputation for some of the world’s best and most eclectic night clubs and also provided welcome relief to the budget with my Berlin visit sandwiched between the expensive Scandinavian countries.

The city has a cool industrial vibe with street art, disused and abandoned buildings amongst newer fashionable development. When it comes to the clubs they don’t open until at least 12 with action peaking around 2 and continuing well into the daylight hours.

IMG_1180Canadians. Their milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.

After my difficulties finding the Copenhagen hostel I was better prepared to find Wombat’s City Hostel which was 1 metro stop from Alexanderplatz, the city centre of Berlin. The hostel had nice rooms with an attached ensuite and a cool rooftop bar overlooking the city.


That night during the bar happy hour I met a couple of New Zealanders, Josh & Dane who had just arrived to the city after being on the road travelling for the last 2 months In the spirit of the ANZACs we formed an Australasian Alliance to tackle the Berlin clubbing scene. The hostel bar provided a challenge to throw a coin into a jar to win free shots and between the group (which was joined by 3 Canadian & 3 American girls) we won 56 shots making us popular with the other bar patrons. We hit Matrix a local, but touristy, club for a fun night.


By night 2 after exploring the city during the day we were considering having a quiet night to recover but fortunately found a second wind. With the previous night’s group joined by Seth Rogan and swelling to 15 we hit Tresor an underground Techno club located in an old abandoned power plant. PeakThis place provided the ultimate Berlin clubbing experience with the dark, smoky and industrial setting providing a highly unique experience.


Night 3 was to be our last in the city and we had a couple of recommended clubs to visit that night. One of these was Kit Kat, established and run by an Austrian pornographer, with an unusual dress code of fancy dress or underwear being the only options. Remaining clothing is to be left at the door. Unfortunately (or fortunately) Kit Kat was not open that night so we negotiated the train system for around half an hour with our (again larger) group of 25 to Wild Renate. Upon arrival I realised I had forgotten my ID and the security were checking everyone before entry. Faced with the alternative of travelling back to the hostel alone & missing out on the club I found a way to creatively sneak in past the bouncers.


Entrance to Tresor is spooky…

While in Wild Renate, which like Tresor had a uniquely awesome & quirky setup, I by chance ran into Sam from the UK who my brother & I had met and last seen in Peru, South America last year around 11,000 kms away.

Highlights other than the clubs;


Berlin Wall – some fascinating history of the city being divided until 1989 and the reintegration since. Many people were shot trying to cross the wall border during it’s 28 years in place.


Alternative street art tour – A walking tour to showcase some of the art plastered over almost any available wall. Lots of different techniques are used and some artists have created an unfathomable amount of pieces across the city.


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